KUPON ENGINEERING LDA is a national company that operates in all over the Mozambican territory in mechanical and electrical areas as well as water solutions providing the following services: Mechanical, electrical and electromechanical installations; Technical assistance; Preventive and corrective maintenance; Technical inspections, design, execution and assembly of LP Gas plants, distribution networks of LP Gas, GN , water and electricity in homes, commercial and industrial premises.

We have the technology for detecting gas leakage and for more accurate location of the leak when the pipe is embedded.

Our major partner ARON MUHENDISLIK LTD is a Turkish company with over 15 years of experience in the natural gas distribution market and has run countless projects in Turkey and many European countries.

OUR solutions

Mechanical Engineering

Design, installation and maintenance in combustible gas systems (Liquefied petroleum gas and natural gas) fire-fighting systems (Hydrating, sprinkler,, pressurized stairs, etc.. as well as special and medicinal gases, offering solutions for consumers of all sizes, from small residences to large industries.
Inspection and realization of the testing in the systems ( tightness test, pneumatic test, load test and hydrostatic test).

Electrical Engineering

Design, installation and maintenance of atmospheric discharge protection system “lighting rod”. Continuity and ohmic resistance measurements in grounding systems. Installation, maintenance, and adequacy of electrical equipment in general, as well as those operated with combustible gases. Projects, electrical installations, security and automation systems for homes, commercial and industrial premises, as well as detection systems and fire alarms.
Installation of gas leakage sensors; Installation of electric control boards for vaporizers; Grounding of tanks, power plants, LP gas plants, Piping and natural gas measuring stations and natural gas pressure control.
The solution for individual automation of water, LPG, NG,electricity for use in buildings, industrial and commercial premises.

Water Distribution

Systems of water supply networks, this includes; Installation of all types of pipes, valves and accessories, counters, accumulators, filters, etc.
fire-fighting, wastewater and rainwater systems etc.

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